Beginner Yoga This is where you can start!! This class is designed as an introduction to the practice of yoga.  This class reminds you to use your breath to settle in and let the mind take a seat in the body.  

Candlelight Flow This class is a moving flowing sequence connecting breath and asana.  Level 1+

Chair Yoga This class is a gentle form of yoga that can be done while sitting.  Some asana can also be done standing using a chair. 

All Levels Yoga This class is suitable for any level.  It includes connecting breath and asana at your own personal pace.

All Levels Slow Flow  This class is a slower paced class that connects breath and asana.  This class is suitable for any level. 

Tone & Glutes  Are you ready to work??  This class starts with a centering and ends with a rest, but the work in between will get the glutes and other muscles fired up!!  

Warrior Flow  This class uses is a flow that brings in the warrior shapes and allows you to connect breath with warrior. 

Yin & Restore  This is the yummy balance of all the yang work.  This class is suitable for beginner and up.  Here we dive into the joint, connective tissue, and fascia as we breath and find length. Half way though class we allow our bodies and mind to restore and let go with no edge.