Lexis Kurley

CYT200 Lexis takes root in Statesville NC, the place she’s always called home. Starting her practice in 2018, Lexis found yoga when she least expected it. Going through the grieving process of loosing loved ones, she stumbled upon the healing practice that is yoga. Throughout her life she has been a part of many recovery processes and what she found was that yoga offered healing to those who were ready. Realizing that she wanted to share this healing with the her community, she completed her 200hr YTT with Andy and Tamara Totman in 2019. During this training she had the pleasure of meeting Victoria Martinez and has continued her training with her as she pursues her 500hr certification. In class, Lexis brings awareness to our alignment and form, as well as our sense of relief and self love.


Kasey Kerley

I am an Alexander County native, but I've called Statesville home for 12 years.  I taught at the ymca for 14 years as well as worked at several other gyms here in Statesville.  I have a fairly active lifestyle and enjoy helping others get and stay active.  I will be teaching Tone & Glutes! 


Luda Ervin

200HR vin-yoga - I found yoga at what felt like a pivotal time of my life. Broken body, scattered and confused mind, low energy, next to nothing self-esteem. I hear a lot of stories like that. Yoga comes to you when you need it most. When ready. Then, it sucks you right in, making you schedule your day around favorite classes. Because the whole existence depends on that peace you carry out the door after a class. Yoga gave me so much understanding and then many different good things came into my life welcomed... I went on to practice more, study more and came to a point where I can pass the knowledge on, letting some one else into little nuances and mind tricks which hopefully will change one’s life for the better. Aside from being a yoga instructor, I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister and a small business owner. I love my life (even though it is challenging at times) and I am delighted to share my passion with those who are open to receive it. I am YTT 200h in a vini-yoga inspired tradition. Namaste.


Kamie Neel

Kamie is friend that wears many hats. Born in Statesville she has grown along the way into a mom, partner, stain glass artist, pack leader to three dogs and a sassy cat named Chiyo, a movement practitioner, student, and gardener. She likes to live a life with a book in her hand and gratitude in her heart.