Rebecca Vaughn

When I started my yoga journey in April 2018, I had very little experience and almost no idea what yoga was or how it could change my life. I came with the goal to build lasting and meaningful connections with other people in my community and create confidence and decrease anxiety in myself and with my body. Somewhere between 6 months to a year in of practicing regularly, I reached a turning point to where people who were close to me could sense that I was calmer, my decision-making ability held more wisdom and I was moving through life with more patience and peace. The physical changes such as increased strength and flexibility were simply a bonus in the long term because the increased strength and flexibility in my mind and heart were worth so much more. At the same time I was growing in my yoga practice and lifestyle, I also maintained a career as a mental health therapist, working with children and their families within their school system on goals for improving their mental health and making healthy choices. It occurred to me as I continued my own yoga journey alongside my challenging career, how all that i was gaining through this practice was shaping me to be a better therapist and ultimately was healing me of past wounds in the process. It was around this time that i began bringing yoga into my therapeutic work with clients in small ways and I immediately saw growth and positive change in these children. At this point it was a no brainer to take the 200 hour yoga teacher training at one love yoga with angie McAlpine who had taught me and been witness to my yoga journey up to that time. Less than 2 weeks prior to training beginning, I received my greatest blessing of all. After waiting for 3 years, I was finally pregnant. Before the intensity of 2020 drew to a close, I gave birth to my daughter Ruthie, and graduated from teacher training with my 200RYT 5 weeks later. I am so blessed and grateful for the healing and grace that yoga brings to my life and honestly I just want as many people as possible to embrace themselves and to realize that every one of their goals and dreams is possible no matter what is happening in the world. When yoga discovered me, I learned my truth and how to live it out. Even though I still face challenges, be it anxiety or impatience, I've never been more content and full of joy than I am today. I am so honored to share this new life with all of you so that you too may be healed and empowered to find your truth and live it. Namaste yogis.


Kasey Kerley

I am an Alexander County native, but I've called Statesville home for 12 years.  I taught at the ymca for 14 years as well as worked at several other gyms here in Statesville.  I have a fairly active lifestyle and enjoy helping others get and stay active.  I will be teaching Tone & Glutes! 

jade k.jpg

Jade Kenyon

Hey! My name is Jade. I earned my 200hr YTT in October 2021 . I recently moved to Statesville from Upstate New York. I enjoy a nice day in nature, usually hiking or enjoying a local park. On rainy or cold days I like to lounge around with my cats, make some delicious tea, listen to music, oh, and practice yoga! 



Tiffany Harmon

Always bringing the life to the party, Tiffany is a bartender, dog mom, and a licensed Zumba instructor of 7 years. She loves dancing, singing, and spending time with her pup and family. In her spare time, she’s either traveling to a beach somewhere or shooting a game of pool with friends.


Diana Perry

I have been teaching Zumba for 9 years. At over 200lbs when a friend asked if I wanted to go to Zumba, I asked what is Zumba and thought why not. 5 minutes in, I was gasping for breath and saying “I don’t move like that”…but I had fun and kept going. Fast forward…received my Zumba license from the incredible Loretta Bates and have been enjoying teaching 3 to 4 classes a week with the most faithful students! Rules for my classes are, have fun, go at your own pace and just don’t stop