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One Love Yoga is committed to making our school, teacher training, and the wider yoga community welcoming for everyone! Encouraging a diverse range  of teaching voices is a pivotal step in creating safe spaces where all students can feel represented in the classroom!!

To help facilitate this process, One Love Yoga is offering a tuition-free scholarship for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in the 2022- 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. 

For More Information please send full name and address to: oneloveyoga80@gmail.com

The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is designed to deepen your understanding and experience of all aspects of traditional yoga and prepare you to teach beginning to intermediate classes with confidence and inspiration.

Trainees will gain a solid base in the structure and practice of classical yoga poses, Sun Salutes, breath and bandhas, learn injury prevention and basic anatomy and physiology for yoga and ultimate understand how to connect to their body, breath and mind. Through the study of the classical text, The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali and the 8 limbs of yoga, the program provides the practical application of yoga philosophy for daily life. Through the study of Ayurveda, India’s ancient healing system and sister science to yoga, students will not only learn how to determine their unique body type and help create balance through foods and lifestyle, they will understand how to apply Ayurvedic principles to the yoga practice. These ancient Vedic sciences are lifelong tools for the creation of health and balance, both physically and mentally.


One Love Yoga’s Teacher Training program is a registered Yoga Alliance School.  Throughout your training, you’ll study and grow your practice with a diverse group of talented instructors who are committed to their yoga lineages. 

Questions?  Please see our teacher training FAQs or email us oneloveyoga80@gmail.com.

Your nine-month journey takes place in February and is a total of nine weekends over nine months.  You’ll work in a time frame that allows you to fully digest and incorporate new knowledge and skills into your practice as well as your everyday life.  While our nine-month program prepares you to share your yoga experiences with others, it’s not necessary to want to teach/share yoga to benefit from this program.  Whether you choose to teach/share yoga or not, our 200-Hour training will help you develop your unique style and cultivate your inner voice.


One Love Yoga offers intimate, small group training that may sell out; space is limited and we recommend that you secure your spot as soon as possible.

We require a non-refundable deposit to register for our Teacher Training Program and secure your spot.

For our 200 Hr Training Program, the required, non-refundable deposit is $500.

Payment In Full:

~ Pay in full before January 1, 2022 - $2150

Cash, check, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa (credit or debit) are acceptable forms of payment for Payment in Full plan.  

You may bring application and deposit by studio or email application and pay deposit by phone.  


Payment plan tuition: $2299 

~ Initial payment: $500 non-refundable is due with application.

~ Seven additional monthly payments of $257 are due on the 10th of each month ( March–September ), set up as an automatic credit or debit card draft. 

~ If a payment fails more than one time, a $10 fee will be charged each subsequent time.


- Yoga History & Philosophy 

- 8 Limbs of Yoga

- 4 Paths of Yoga

- Asanas / Poses

- Mechanics & Alignment for safety

- Yoga Anatomy

- Energetic Yoga Anatomy

- Pranayama

- Meditation

- Subtle Energy - Chakras, etc...

- Practice Teaching

- Yin Yoga

- Restorative Yoga

- Kundalini Yoga

- Yoga Ethics

- Business of Yoga

- Karma & Seva Work

- Yoga Language (Sanskrit)

- Mantra, Mudra, Bandhas

- Adjusting, Assisting 

- Ayurveda Lifestyle



Applicants must have an established yoga practice for a minimum of 6 months.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. 

All abilities welcome.  Abilities to do certain poses or practice at an advanced level is NOT required. 


~ Nine weekends of Teacher Training (TT) totals 180 classroom hours

~ Individual guidance from Angie outside of TT weekends

~ Half off membership at One Love Yoga for regular classes during nine month TT --- $270 VALUE!!!

~ Opportunity to observe/assist in as many classes as you wish at One Love Yoga Studio while enrolled in the TT program, free of charge (contingent on teacher approval).


~ Books:  The required book list is below.  

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Swami Satchidananda

The Bhagavad Gita - Stephen Mitchell

Yoga - Indu Arora

Prakriti - Dr. Robert E. Svoboda


To meet Yoga Alliance standards for 200-hour teacher training certification and graduate from the One Love Yoga TT program, all students must:

• Complete all hours of all TT weekends. Make Up Options are outlined below. Note: certification cannot be granted until all hours are completed.

• Observe/assist in six hours of another teacher’s class, outside of the TT weekends.

Observe/assist hours must be planned and approved in advance by Angie and the instructors to be observed.

• Complete additional assignments as given during the program (reading, preparing for practice teaching, creating lesson plans, final written exam, etc.).

• Sustain a regular yoga practice. To be a good teacher, you need to be a good student and therefore are expected to attend classes outside the TT weekends and practice at home. To help you sustain a yoga practice outside of your Teacher Training Weekend, One Love Yoga offers free membership, regular classes only, during nine month TT. 


If you anticipate missing any class time, please discuss this with Angie in advance of the absence, if possible. Note: All hours must be complete in order to receive certificate.  

Make up hours can be made up at $30 hour!


Punctuality is required and enforced. If a student is more than 10 minutes late to a session, one hour will be deducted from his/her total contact hours and that hour will need to be made up via the policies stated above.

 All students are expected to act maturely and are required to show respect for other students and faculty members.

 Yoga is about self-awareness, self-respect, and self-control. During the study of yoga, and especially during asana practice, there is an inherent understanding that an individual knows, first and foremost, how to be responsible for his or herself. Listen to your body and respect your limitations.

 Ask questions along the way.

 Students must honor their energy; it is okay to be alone or as inward as one wishes.

 Students must take responsibility for their own experience. There is no need to be a caregiver, parent, or therapist for other students.

 Support each other.

 Let the instructor know about any physical limitations so appropriate supports and touch may be suggested.

 Honor confidentiality. Anything shared in the classroom, stays in the classroom.

 Come to class with appropriate materials: attire, books, and completed homework. Being unprepared for classes will be noted and can result in dismissal from the program.

 Students will be held responsible for completing all homework assignments, which will be distributed in advance of each TT weekend.

Possession of any weapons, illegal drugs, and alcohol of any kind is not allowed at any time on the property.

 No computers, tablets or cell phones are permitted in the classroom; therefore, no texting is allowed during classroom lecture and practices. Please turn cell phones off and leave them in lounge. The only exception is for electronic forms of textbooks.

 Audio / film recording of classes is prohibited.

 Photographs are only allowed with instructor approval and are subject to the consent of your fellow students.

 Please come prepared to practice even if the class sounds more like a lecture. Wear modest, comfortable clothing that allows unrestricted movement.

 Chewing gum is not permitted in the classroom.

 Wear jewelry in moderation or take it off during classes.

 Do not wear perfumes, bath oils, strong smelling shampoos, lotions, aromatherapy or fragrances.

 Help clean and tidy up at the end of each session.

 Communicate ahead of time if support is needed in completing all assignments. All assignments should be completed before class begins.


All material distributed to One Love Yoga TT students is copyrighted and may not be photocopied or shared electronically without explicit written consent from One Love Yoga Studio.


Completion of this program and credit for class hours is based on a pass/fail system - graduation/certification is not guaranteed.

 If a student feels he/she cannot complete the program due to medical reasons or personal problems, he/she should meet with Angie. Appropriate choices can be made through that discussion.

 Students must maintain a passing status assessed through attendance, class participation, completion of homework assignments, ability to lead classes they are assigned to teach, and completion of other class assignments.

 Students must pass all tests, complete all assignments satisfactorily, pay all fees, and complete all weekend hours to receive certification. This will include a final written exam and a final practicum exam (teaching a 60 minute class to a group of students with Angie present).  Note: successful completion of the program is not a guarantee of employment as a yoga teacher.





If progress is not satisfactory at any point during the training, the student will be notified to schedule a meeting with Angie to discuss ways to improve performance and complete past requirements. Angie reserves the right to dismiss a student from the program if it is deemed that performance has not improved.

All meetings reflecting a student’s participation in the program will be documented and will include the decisions and/or conditions of continued participation in the program.

 A student may be dismissed for excessive absences, tardiness, lack of class participation, incomplete homework assignments, being disruptive to the learning of others, being deemed unable to execute the responsibilities of a yoga instructor, or being in violation of the rules and regulations of the school as set forth in school publications. Angie will make the final decision.

 A student who fails to maintain satisfactory progress, or who violates safety regulations, interferes with other students’ work, is disruptive, obscene, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or who does not make timely tuition payments, is subject to immediate dismissal.

 There are no refunds for any payments made when a student is dismissed from the program.

 Certification will not occur if the student:

- Fails to demonstrate safe instruction skills

- Fails to demonstrate understanding of the material presented

- Fails to complete required hours and other assignment requirements 

- Violates the Code of Ethics

- Has been dismissed from the program

- Has not paid in full by completion of the program


Upon completion of the program, each student will receive a One Love Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. Your diploma will entitle you to register with Yoga Alliance.

 If needed, replacement certificates may be obtained via written request to Angie for a $25 fee.


One Love Yoga is a Registered Yoga School (RYS), accredited through Yoga Alliance. Upon graduation, students are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance to become a RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-hour level). Yoga Alliance Registration is a valued and recognizable credential however registration is optional, and is done solely at the student’s discretion. The application process and all associated paperwork and fees are the responsibility of the graduate.


February - 11,12,13

March - 11,12,13

April - 8,9,10

May - 6,7,8

June - 10,11,12

July - 15,16,17

August - 12,13,14

September - 9,10,11

October - 7,8,9


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